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Apple's $14.8 Million ICloud Storage Settlement: Here's How To Find Out If You're Owed Money
Apple's $14.8 Million ICloud Storage Settlement: Here's How To Find Out If You're Owed Money
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Give it a shot, and if you don't like it you can always resubscribe. For more excellent tips on streaming TV, check out this guide to Netflix's hidden tricks and our recommendations for the best internet services.





You save cash and avoid content droughts. Alternately, you can start streaming a show midseason to cut costs. My monthly guide on which streaming services to cancel can help you keep up. You cancel HBO Max, Disney Plus or buy do-follow backlinks other service and then, once the episodes are available, resubscribe to catch up on your faves. Note the total episode count and wait until they're all available at once on a platform. Let's say a hot title like House of the Dragon or The Real Housewives is set to premiere on a service.





For example, Starz is offering a special rate of $5 per month for three months, which cuts its regular monthly rate of $9 nearly in half. 2: Snag a streaming service deal Look for discounts on streaming services. Lastly, be sure to check with your mobile carrier to see which ones offer free streaming subscriptions. And eligible Hulu subscribers can . You can also take advantage of the Disney Bundle, which provides access to Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus in one package for a reduced price.





The strategy can also work if you have a live TV streaming service to keep up with a particular sport. Once the season wraps up, cancel the service and save big, or move to a cheaper platform with fewer channels like .





The alleged misrepresentation allowed Apple "to charge a premium for its iCloud service because subscribers placed a value on having the 'Apple' brand as the provider of the storage service," according to the suit. Customers wouldn't have paid for a subscription if they knew Apple wasn't providing storage directly, they claim, or they would have expected to pay a lot less.





It's not about clearing each day in the least amount of moves, it's about learning to love yourself. Start with YACHT one day, try ULCER the next. Use weird words You aren't playing Wordle correctly if you use the same word to start every day. That's my official rule and I'm flabbergasted y'all use the same word each day. Grab a dictionary, close your eyes and flick to a random page.





Then it's just a matter of putting all the letters I uncovered into the spots I think they're in, and banging my head on the table, saying, "I'm not this stupid, am I?" until I figure it out. STORY time I steal Mark's word, ADIEU, and follow it up with STORY.





How do I find out if I qualify? You don't have to do anything. As long as the email you used to sign up for iCloud Plus storage is still active, you should have received a notification that you are an eligible recipient, or "class member." 





Starlink Maritime is available and the company is targeting the owners of superyachts, oil rigs and merchant vessels as potential customers.



The service has an upfront hardware fee of $10,000 for two 'ruggedized' Starlink dishes and regular costs will run $5,000 per month.













Your billing cycle can help determine when it's the best time to quit a service, even if you've only signed up for a free trial. 4: Stick to monthly billing Avoid annual subscriptions and pay attention to your auto-renewal payment dates.





I then choose my next word based on the results, though sometimes I just throw up my hands and use both TEARY and PIOUS one after the other no matter what. Get TEARY I cycle through TEARY, PIOUS and ADIEU as a first word, to knock out some common letters and make inroads with vowels.





That's what guesses three through six are for. I took some time and pored over a list of the most commonly used letters in English words, and lately I've been starting Wordle with the one-two punch of "TRAIN" and "CLOSE." That combo uses every single one of the top 10 letters, and it almost always leaves me with a decent group of correct guesses -- though not always in the right spots.









I don't have a go-to word, since that feels sorta cheap, but I do generally aim for initial words that are high in either vowel count or the good old-fashioned Wheel of Fortune letters: RSTLNE. Wheel good plan First, I make sure to do it before my morning coffee, for an added layer of difficulty. If it works for Pat Sajak's crew, it's good enough for me.





An argument for ADIEU I've been using ADIEU from day one. Sometimes to shake things up -- mostly based on pressure from Jackson Ryan -- I'll try something different. But every time I stray from ADIEU, it manifests into a gigantic uphill struggle I barely recover from. The best word is ROATE.  --Mark Serrels Hilariously, I still sometimes misspell it. Either way, I dunno what we're all arguing about. Someone did an experiment on this.









'Part of my hope by raising expectations and having more aggressive goals, and just kind of turning up the heat a little bit, is that I think some of you might decide that this place isn't for you, and that self-selection is OK with me,' he said.



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